How to choose the right goggles?

When choosing a pair of goggles, you need to take into account the three main aspects of their structure:

Adjustment: you will find different systems that will allow you to adjust the goggles while on your head. This ensures they fit and perform at their best. You can choose between training adjustment (ACS, FAST, SLIDING or SIDE adjustments) video: Arena Training Goggles, or racing adjustment (RFA, BACK CLIP adjustments) video: Arena Racing Goggles.

Lens: light coloured lenses provide brighter vision. They are suitable for use indoors or in overcast conditions. Mirror or dark coloured lenses are recommended for outdoor swimming.
All arena lenses provide you with clear and wide vision both outside and underwater.

Frame & nose bridge: the right goggles should be determined according to your face shape. Arena can provide you with small or regular-fit frames, and ones with interchangeable, adjustable or self-adjusting nose bridges.

Depending on individual preferences you can also choose the gasket type: thinner or larger, in both cases providing perfect fit and comfort.

All arena goggles are antifog treated and offer a complete UV shield. They are all PVC free. Straps can be made of silicone or TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) for maximum comfort and stability. They can be single split or double for the best adjustment on the head.

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