How should I determine the back-shape that’s right for me?

Arena’s range of back-shapes is aimed to satisfy all of the swimmers’ needs. You can find them grouped in three main families:

Tech backs: the most opened backs among those in our collection, they are ideal for athletic use. The strap structure is designed to free up the shoulder blades and the leg cut is high to maximize freedom of movement. The most famous representative back of this family is the Swim-tech back.

Freedom Backs: a stylish and feminine range of backs. Sporty look combined with extremely comfortable fit. Belong to this family: Challenge Back, Smooth Back, Glide Back and Light Drop Back.

Ergonomic backs: highly flexible back shape range suitable for all strokes. This family of backs provides superior breast support and a highly ergonomic fit: Bullet Back, Swim-Pro Back, Y-Back, V-Back, Energy Back, H-Back, Active back.

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