What is your body shape?

When it comes to looking good, it's not your size that matters, it's the fit of your clothes. It is important to know and understand what looks good on your body. Wearing the right swimsuit is about choosing what actually suits you and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Custom fits are designed to flatter a woman's natural shape.

We have identified 5 different body shapes and here are some advices to help you choose the swimsuit that’s right for you and obtain the best results in terms of look:

Apple shape: embrace your body with a suit that supports your shape and compliments your assets. A ‘one colour’ suit with vertical panels or piping down the front of each side, curving inwards gives the impression of a waist. A swimsuit with built in bra and full body support will emphasise your soft curves.

Pear shape: your wonderful lower curves may benefit from a ‘low leg cut’ swimsuit. Bright colour and design across the bust will emphasise and draw attention away from your womanly hips and bottom. Try a suit with a padded bra, it will certainly help boost your assets.

Inverted triangle shape: you have a strong, athletic body shape. Flatter it by drawing attention away from the top half of your body but to your slender lower half. This can be done by wearing a suit that has bright colour and bold design to the lower section.

Ruler shape: your body shape suits almost any swimsuit! Vertical panels or piping down the front of the suit which curve inwards at each side give the appearance of a waist whilst cheeky padded cups only maximize your already admirable shape.

Hourglass shape: embrace your fabulous curves and enhance them further with a swimsuit that offers a cup sized bra. Opt for a back that provides chest support and adjustable straps. You have a wonderfully feminine body so why not honour it with bright colours and bold design.

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